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All Quiet on the Western Front

The life of the one soldier in the trench during the World War I by Erich Maria Remarque.

During the history lesson I stayed amazed when our teacher started to talk about the conditions solders had during the World War I. Let´s be honest, I had few knowledge about it. As the lesson went on, I felt I have to read more to at least imagine some of that.

All Quiet on the West Front is the first recomendation I got and those characters are unforgetable.



A young boy named Paul Bäumer founds himself in the treches at the border of Germany and France. He must fight for Germany, his friends and his own life. The author doesn ´t make any conclussions, he just describes the situation as it is and that´s what makes this book so strong, unbelievable and outrageous. The characters are described simply, but deeply.



Paul Bäumer

I am young, I´m twenty, I don ´t know anything from the life but despair, death, fear, absurd superficiality and misery. I see how the nations quietly, unconsciously, foolishy, obediently, innocently kill each other.

As a student at High school understands the absurdity of war. Trying not to get hit by his emotions and minds he keeps being a good friend because friendship is in his priority list at the highest place.

Stanislaus Katczinsky


Such young boys. Such young, innocent boys.

Kat is the leader of the group with a skill to find the food anywhere and anytime. Although he is the oldest, 40 years old man, he easily makes a strong relationship with another men with his sense of humour. He represents a father in the way he is helping them.


However, Tjaden became my favourite character because of his solid sense of humour and provoking love for food and life.



We didn´t want the war, opponents say the same and half of the world is fighting.

The war destroyed us, we are good for nothing.

-Albert Kropp – a smart soldier, one of the closest Paul´s friends


I´ll tell you, the biggest filth in the war is that there are animals in it.

-Detering, a villager with a family


We became dangerous animals, we don ´t fight, we are defending from the destruction.

-Paul during the fight

I must just recomend. I will never look at the war like I used until now – stoicaly.

I give this book

starstarstarstarstarout of 5.

Also because it made me cry at the end.





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3 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Western Front

  1. Reblogged this on PTSD Beautiful Trauma and commented:
    thank you for your like, darling, great job 😉
    I assume this can be one of best books I have ever read, all life, and those charachters are still “walking” with me everyday …. when you feel empathy for those boys, they stay with you, and you keep living your life for them, too. any piece of bread, and warm shower feels different. and takes a new, deeper sense. take care xx

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    1. Thank you soo much for your lovely comment and rebloging, it means a lot for us ❤ Those are names you' ll never forget, their stories are so strong, you can't stay calm whenever speaking of war. Thank you once again ❤

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