The Old Man and the Sea

by Ernest Hemingway.

A book which can be read in one evening. And leaving you wondering, where a man can take so much stamina. It perfectly shows the path of the live simply, shortly and meaningfully.

The novel contains a few characters : the main one is the old fischerman sailing every day at the sea.Santiago – the old man and Manolin – a young boy.

Santiago has got deep wrinkles, tanned skin and loves listening to the radio.

He sailes everyday in his small boat living a very modest life. After 84 unsuccessful days without catching anything, he decides to persevere and try his luck once again.

Manolin helps Santiago until his parents want him to stay at home.

A young boy often helps Santiago – he carries the netts and pull them out of the water. But when Santiago can not catch anything for a long time, he rather stays at home after his parents told him to do so. After all he still believes in the old man and he is with him also when he decides to sail further at the sea on the 85th day.

The whale

Santiago finally catches an enormous fish, which is pulling his boat away. That´s why he uses his harpune against it. His troubles with getting home are getting worse when the blood attracts sharks. After long and demindig fight he sees the village – but only thing he´s got is the skeleton of a giant whale.

The idea

The author admires man´s strength, efford, stamina, love for nature and his will to stay on the path and not to give up.

The metaphors

The reason I often reach out for this book to read over and over again are its metaphors and hidden things, that are so typical for Hemingway. He could write into 300 hundred pages the live of villagers but he didn´t do it. He said, he leaves the space for the reader to make him imagine the majority of the things.

These ones I love the most:

The old man: man´s stamina;

The sea: the life itself, nature – the authors compares its beauty with the woman;

The whale: the target;

The sharks: gossip, bad people and life´s troubles.

The intersting fact:

Hemingway didn´t use any expressive word in the whole book.


A man can be destroyed
but not defeated.

I give this book:


out of 5.

The teacher leads you to the gate, but only you can pass through it.

The way

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The Essence of Tai Chi Chi Kung – Health and Martial Arts

Hello bloggers!

Today I´d like to share with you my thoughts on the book The Essence of Tai Chi Chi Kung – Health and Martial Arts by Dr. Yang Jwing-ming.
(Slovak: Tai Chi Chi Kung pre začiatočníkov)

As far as I’m concerned, it is very important to choose the right literature when speaking about Buddhism and Taoism. The are no doubts, that my spiritual way would be much richer if I travelled to Asia and learned Tai chi and Taoist philosophy there, but as I have no opportunity to do so, books and teachers here in Europe are my only alternative.

I attend Tai-chi classes since this September and during the learning of the Short form I quickly found out, that Tai-chi is not just about waving your arms in the air and gently putting your legs down. During the excercise you are completely connecting your mind to you body which requires a lot of concentration and relaxation.

And after all, I felt I need more theory hidden behind it.

This book has became a real treasure for me when I first read it in the Christmas time. It begins with the whole explanation of Taoist philosophy and than focuses onto the certain parts of excercising, such as breathing, stretching and controlling the body, mind, chi and the spirit.

The Author himself has professional martial arts experience but his explanations are simple, easy and fluent. He points out the importance of knowing the basics deeply and understanding each movement, which is important for further Chi Kung practice.

The second part is dedicated to indvidual excercises, with pictures, so that you can easily start to practise Tai-Chi right at your home.

If you are interested into these type of martial arts, I highly recommend this book to you!!

But on the other hand, learning and getting through it expects the reader to be interested in this philosophy and if you decide to start practicing Tai Chi, it would be wise to consider to have a personal teacher who will lead you on your path. From my personal experience I know, that you won’t learn as much as you do with your teacher. During your classes you can imitate the teacher’s movements, simply ask, if something is unclear and moreover- you have the certainty you are doing it correctly.

That’s why I recommend it mostly as a support, not as a “Student’s book”.

I give this book

Out of 5.